Our history

“He who does not know his past cannot define his future.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

(1881 – 1938)

Nur Apartmanı - Şanlıurfa (1970)

The Saçaklıoğlu family-owned business dates back to 1930s. It was founded by Vahdettin Saçaklıoğlu (1914–2002) and Ayşe Saçaklıoğlu (1925–2002).

The company started as a small retailer and agricultural producer.

In 1955 Hüseyin Saçaklıoğlu (1945–1996) and İbrahim Halil Saçaklıoğlu joined the enterprise. Later on Ömer Saçaklıoğlu (1958–2020) took the reins of the business, and it was under his leadership that the company grew and evolved unlike ever before.

Throughout its history, family-owned businesses have operated in 8 different sectors, including construction, fuel, energy, food, textile, education, mall management, and hospitality.

The company, carrying out its primary business activity in the construction and real estate industry, initiated its first project in 1970 in the city of Şanlıurfa. Over time, it has successfully implemented more than 100 projects in the areas of luxury residential housing, office centers, hotels, and shopping malls spanning over 5 million square meters.

Mehmet V. Saçaklıoğlu, representative of the third generation of the Saçaklıoğlu family.

Founder and Chairman of the Board of  ‎“Bosphorus Development”‎ company, whose aim is professional real estate development in Türkiye and abroad.

”Bosphorus Development” in its projects combines the successful experience of the Saçaklıoğlu family in the field of construction and real estate development acquired since the 1970s with innovative solutions, the implementation of modern technologies and cooperation with the best world architects and engineers.

“Our reputation, which we have gained from the past to the present time, is our most important value, and our main goal is to preserve and pass it on to future generations”.

Mehmet V. Saçaklıoğlu