For this project the architects used systems that they had previously experimented with, such as the use of a grid, the repetition of structural elements, and a modular approach.

Built between 2006 and 2009, the project deals with a site whose form is complex, which resulted in the use of “masses of different sizes which were designed by articulating each mass within itself, brought together in a disorderly fashion due to the boundaries of the lot.”

The theme of plurality might best describe this residential complex, in which each building surface was selected and designed by a different architect within the office. These designs were chosen at a charrette organized at the office, and they were brought together after minor revisions and adaptations to create the overall appearance of the complex.

The reason for the emphasis on plurality has to do with the surrounding buildings, made up of gated communities, each with a different form of architectural expression.

Rather than adding yet another complex with its own architectural language, EAA preferred to inspire themselves with the more normal pattern of a city in which individual buildings come together.

Kemer Life XXII Kemerburgaz Project is located in Göktürk region, 8 km from TEM motorway’s Hasdal exit. Providing easy access to central Istanbul, this modern project is designed by Architect Emre Arolat.

The project is unique and colourful featuring different designs for each apartment block within the same complex. Being in close vicinity to İstanbul and offering an unprecedented modern living area, Kemer Life XXII Project was finished in 2010.