In November, 2023 we continue to look forward to the development of our Maxima Residence residential complex project!

From Bosphorus Development and Riel Real Estate Corporation, here is an overview of the main achievements this month:

The first section: the first floor has already been completed, and now the construction of the vertical elements of the second floor is actively underway.

The second section: the reinforcement of the first grip of the vertical elements minus the second (basement) floor has begun.

The third section: We provide stability to the residential complex – the piling field is being installed.

Parking: In the first section of the parking lot, vertical elements have already been completed at the level minus the second floor.

Sales and reservations:

Interest in Maxima Residence continues to grow, and we are grateful to our clients for their trust.

We remind you that you have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the unique opportunity to become the owner of a spacious and modern home. Therefore, our managers are ready to advise you on all issues in choosing an apartment:

+38(044) 321-10-74

Or visit the official Maxima Residence website: