New international player, Bosphorus Development, enters the Ukrainian development market, – Mehmet V. Saçaklıoğlu, founder & chairman of the board, told KyivPost.  ‘I represent the third generation of the Saçaklıoğlu clan. Starting my career in a family business in Istanbul, I have passed up all the steps of the hierarchical ladder. Here in Ukraine, I launched Bosphorus Development company  whose goal is a professional development of the real estate sector both in Ukraine and abroad,’ Mehmet V. Saçaklıoğlu, founder & chairman of the board of Bosphorus Development company, commented.

Company’s history

Small family business of the Saçaklıoğlu dynasty had been launched back in the late 1930s. At the very beginning, Vahdettin Saçaklıoğlu (1914-2002) and Ayşe Saçaklıoğlu (1925-2002) were engaged in trade and agriculture, especially large meat slaughterhouses in Şanlıurfa, city in the SouthEastern Turkey.

In 1955, their sons Hussein (1945-1996) and Ibrahim Halil Saçaklıoğlu joined the company. Ömer (1958-2020), the youngest Saçaklıoğlu son and future head of the dynasty business, also had been involved in commercial life from an early age.

After moving to Istanbul, the company began active expansion to other business activities, starting from grocery chain, restaurants and bakeries, to furniture, textiles, jewelry stores. Later, Saçaklıoğlu entered the liquid gas supply and petroleum products trade sector, becoming the largest dealer in some provinces.

Over time, the company has strived to invest all the money earned into the construction and professional development sector. That has become Saçaklıoğlu family’s main locomotive business, including residential apartment buildings, offices, industrial buildings, hotels, multifunctional facilities and shopping malls. The first real estate business object was built more than half a century ago, back in 1970, in Şanlıurfa, the native family city.

And five years ago, the Saçaklıoğlu family business entered the top 10 Turkish real estate leaders with the most housing projects executed.

Project portfolio

Over the years Turkish development company has implemented more than a hundred real estate objects, and every project is unique and significant, a lot of them are socially important.

Istanbul Aquarium

Located in the Florya district, İstanbul Akvaryum, with a total area of 40 hectares, is one of the three largest aquariums in the world, along with the ones in Georgia and Baltimore (USA). That is a perfect example of a project based on the principle of public-private partnership.

A two-storey colossal aquarium building has a total area of ​​22,000 sq.m. That space accommodates 66 tanks with 7,000 cubic m of water volume in total.

A special themed visitor area, of 6,000 sq. m total, includes a 1,2 km long travel route originating in the Black Sea towards the Pacific, as well as a tropical forest area of ​​1200 sq.m with irrigation, fog simulation and artificial support of the tropical climate. Tourists can meet there approximately 1.500 species, 15.000 land and sea creatures in total.

Visitors can leave their transport at a parking lot area of 32.000 sq. m for 1.200 vehicles. Aquarium complex, with a 5D cinema block, gift shop, cafeteria and restaurant, is included in the must-see attractions list of Istanbul.

Istanbul Tower 205

Istanbul Tower 205 is a real gem of Levent, the most prestigious business district of Istanbul. The project was designed by SOM, which previously worked on the world-famous Burj Khalifa and One World Trade Center projects.

Istanbul Tower 205, 220 meters high, is the tallest office building in Turkey. The skyscraper is located on a plot of 21,000 sq. m, and the total area of ​​the towers and podiums is 246,000 sq. m.

Thanks to a combination of the latest technologies, panoramic views and bold architectural solutions, Istanbul Tower 205 is the most attractive and unique project for investment in the local market. The building, designed in accordance with international technical requirements, meets the standards of the LEED Platinum quality standard, has a minimal impact on the environment and saves energy as much as possible.

Istanbul Tower 205 won the Best Office in Progress award in the Sign of the City contest organized by Hürriyet newspaper. This award is considered the most prestigious in the real estate sector in Turkey.

Blue Lake Residence

Located on the Küçükçekmece lake shore, the residence complex offers a magnificent view both to the lagoon and to the Marmara Sea coastline. Interiors, created by Chapman Taylor architects, are designed with premium materials for maximum comfort.

On the 16th floor, a 6,500 square meters Sky Terrace recreation area is located. Infinity pools, stunning resting areas, jogging and walking paths and Sky Terrace are just a few of the key benefits of Blue Lake Residence. The project provides a world-class infrastructure for the premium quality of life for those looking for peace and comfort.

Designer studios for all ages, a spa and fitness club, as well as a kids entertainment area would be helpful in satisfying the most picky tastes of its residents.

‘The company aims to bring its long standing expertise in successful world-wide development to Ukraine. We engage the world’s best architects and engineers in our projects, to create unique environment-friendly facilities and stable infrastructure.

Business reputation is of the utmost importance for us. That is, the company’s reputation makes the reputation of the family, and the family’s reputation creates its honor,’ Mehmet V. Saçaklıoğlu emphasizes.