The Kemer Life XXI Residence, consisting of 206 units of 13 different types, form the border of private and public gardens in the middle by lining up the length of the longer side of the rectangular site. Designed as terrace-houses, duplexes in the lower section open out on their private gardens, that are detached from the public garden using the difference in levels formed on the site. Above the duplexes, thanks to the linear layout of the three-story apartment buildings, positioned perpendicularly to the garden, the most of which is made to get daylight in all of the rooms. Because of the axial shift, terraces emerging above the duplexes serve as private gardens for the apartments on the ground floor. The fragmentation achieved both horizontally and vertically provides a more permeable settlement layout by blurring the norm of the typical five-story apartment building.

Built Area: 55.500 m2 (597,397.02 sqf).