Offering privileged living in ecosystem surrounded by peaceful and breathtaking forest views

Göktürk Hills is a residency project located on a triangle shaped and sloped terrain at the north end of Göktürk, right on the border of the forest.

Göktürk Hills is designed with the objective of using all the challenging aspects of the land in favor of each housing unit.
Considering the 5-storey height limitation in the area, the inclined structure of the existing topography is allowing each block to have a direct relationship with the forest through surrounding the periphery of the land at different elevation points.

The project consists of 28 housing units ranging from 55 to 185 m2 and all of the units, with their either big terraces or private gardens, are designed as a natural extension of the indoor spaces.

Dual aspect design of all the housing units is allowing each unit to have the sunlight efficiently as well as creating a natural ventilation by letting the air flow freely through the flat.