Arketip Residence

In the Arketip Residence, built in the area of Göktürk, the influences on the design are primarily the proximity of the forest at the southern end, the tensions between private and public spaces, the pedestrian versus the vehicular areas and the performance over time of the main building. An Interpretation of traditional northern vernacular architecture also influenced the design.

A linear layout of common entrance corridor, service and bathrooms, corridors, living spaces and terraces laid parallel on a regular structure repeated in all flat types provides maximum use of natural light. A large and deep void created in between the linear apartment blocks laid in north-south direction provides attractive common spaces in relation to recreational facilities located below main ground level. Private gardens are allocated to ground floor flats. Additional voids formed among the blocks create private covered terraces.

Built Area: 51.000 m2 (548,959.43 sqf)