On October 5-6, 2023 will take place the Architectural and Construction Business Forum «Rebuilding Ukraine. Transformation and modernization», where Bosphorus Development will be as premium partner of the event.

At the event, we are plan to present our video presentation by the presenters of the event, and we will also place a roll-up in the photo zone area so visitors can get quick access via QR- code to our official website for familiarization with our projects and the presentation of the first project in Ukraine — Maxima Residence.

It is expected that the Business Forum will unite more than 8,000 guests in two days and 120 stands of participants. 100 speakers in 20 panel discussions over two days on two floors of Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Government representatives and managers of large Ukrainian companies, architects, urban planners, developers and builders are also invited to participate in order to join forces for the speedy recovery of Ukraine.
What the Business Forum will be about:
About reconstruction, exchange of experience, advanced technologies, current topics and challenges in the field of architecture and construction, private and state programs of the construction industry.

What will be discussed at the Business Forum?
• Insurance of investments and construction risks in war and post-war times in Ukraine;
• The situation on the building materials market. State of readiness of implementation to European standards;
• Fiscal policy of the reconstruction of Ukraine: what holds back the construction business;
• Foreign experience of post-war urban reconstruction;
• Prospective areas of investment in future reconstruction, etc.

The organizers are: DMNTR Media Group «Home and Interior», Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (KBU).

In addition, thanks to the partnership at the Architecture and Construction Business Forum, Bosphorus Development will join the charitable initiative of the organizers of DMNTR Media Group, «Home and Interior» and the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (KBU) until the transfer of funds to the Foundation of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky UNITED24 for the direction «Reconstruction of Ukraine».

We are waiting for all guests and colleagues at the event.
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