This 2023 year, despite the trials of war, has become unprecedentedly difficult, but together we have shown strength and resilience, performed work tasks with skill and quality, and continued to work creating new projects for you.

We are proud of the high professionalism of our team and appreciate the daily work and incredible energy that each member of our team brings to the development of the company. Bosphorus Development continues to pay taxes, contributing to Ukraine’s stability and economic growth.

During this year, we:

🔹 At the beginning of the year, as part of the social program «Home for Children» with Kateryna Osadcha and the «Tvoya Opora» charity fund, they joined the fundraising to donate a home for the Tselukhin family with many children from Rubizhnye, Luhansk region;

🔹 Twice took part in the Business Forum organized by the «Home and Interior» Media Group and the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine (KBU);

🔹 We continued rehabilitation programs for children from Ukraine, where excursions were organized for 300 children to our thematic aquarium Istanbul Aquarium;

🔹 Conducted an advertising campaign at the Eurocup soccer match between Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine) and Beşiktaş (Türkiye), which took place at the noisy «Vodafone Park» arena in Istanbul;

🔹 For the second time, together with the General Consulate of Ukraine in Istanbul, we congratulated the children of the Ukrainian community on Saint Nicholas Day in Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa, where with our assistance, the children received 1000 sweet gift sets.

But an important focus this year and the plan for the next 2024 for Bosphorus Development together with the Real Estate Corporation will be the continuation of the construction of a modern business-class residential complex Maxima Residence, where you will feel complete and comfortable.

This year has taught us to be resilient and united, because our goal is to provide quality housing and create a space where every family can feel safe and homely.