From Bosphorus Development and Riel Real Estate Corporation we report that the construction of the residential complex Maxima Residence continues.

In the first section, in the first section, the laying of external and internal walls is in progress, it has already been practically completed on five residential floors. In parallel, the installation of vertical monolithic elements of the 13th floor is being carried out, and the installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete monolithic stairs and ventilation units continues. Backfilling is completed.

In the second section, the arrangement of the vertical elements of the seventh floor is being carried out, the masonry of the walls on the residential floors is in progress, and the tower crane has been attached. The installation of ventilation units and reinforced concrete monolithic stairs continues.

All piles have been completed in the parking lot.

In the third section, the piling field was completely completed.

You can always find out about the purchase of apartments in the Maxima Residence residential complex and the progress of the construction of the complex in the sales department of the company. Contacts are available at the link.