This year, St. Nicholas again traveled thousands of kilometers to fulfill the dreams of young Ukrainians in Türkiye.

«Saint Nicholas works miracles. If you need help – contact him, and he will definitely do it. And we will once again make one wish for everyone – our Victory,» said Consul General Roman Nedilskyi before the start of the festive performance in Istanbul. «Saint Nicholas was born on the territory of modern Türkiye in the province of Lycia, where recently His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew led the Service. We thank His Holiness for the constant support and prayers for the Ukrainian people,» added the wife of the Consul General, Mrs. Liudmyla Nedilska.

We are grateful to everyone who helped make our dream a reality: to give a holiday to more than 1,000 Ukrainian children in Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa.

We thank the theater team of the Kopychynetsk city center of culture and leisure and the wonderful actors who presented the all-encompassing atmosphere of the holiday to children and adults. We all sang together « Oh, there is a red viburnum in the meadow» in Bursa, danced on stage with the actors and shared secrets with St. Nicholas in Izmir, took millions of photos in Istanbul.

Our heroes touched every heart and filled their souls with faith in Victory.

With the assistance of the Gunsel company, Saint Nicholas and his assistants were able to come to Türkiye, and Bosphorus Development delivered goodies from Ukraine to the children.

Thank you to the Association of Ukrainians in Bursa – Bursa Ukraynalılar Derneği, Nilüfer Belediyesi and Görke Shehsuvar for supporting our actors in Bursa, the Association of Ukrainians of İzmir / İzmir Ukraynalılar Derneği and Uğur Semih Akdemir for the guardianship in Izmir. Special thanks to the Ukrainian Cultural Society – Ukraina Kültür Derneği and the teachers of the T. Shevchenko International Lyceum in Istanbul for their sensitivity and willingness to help.

Goodness and love always overcome darkness.

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